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Month: March 2020

Adoption and your family

Adoption is a beautiful way to complete your family. However, our clients often have questions about this complex process, as well as about how the adoptive relationships could potentially interact with an uncertain future, i.e. in the legal areas of divorce, estate...

Mistakes to avoid when writing a will

The purpose of writing a will is to express your wishes to your loved ones, as well as the probate court that will handle your estate. That way, they do not have to guess at what you might have wanted after you die.  It is not only important that you write your will...

Tips to make joint custody work

Getting along with an ex is not easy. After all, there is a reason he or she is an ex. However, if you have children, putting aside your differences for their sake can result in less stress for everyone.  According to Parents Magazine, shared physical custody occurs...