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Divorce Attorneys in Portland, Oregon

Navigating Complex Divorce in Oregon

Divorce is already a stressful situation, and when you have a situation that makes it more complicated, you need a guide to help you navigate through the legal process. At Mastanduno Law Group, we take pride in listening to our clients and addressing their individual needs as they make a significant life transition. Here are some common situations in complex divorces.

High Net Worth Couples

Multiple categories of marital assets in a marriage, some of which are valued subjectively, can become a major point of contention in high-net-worth divorce negotiations. We are experienced with investigating all assets and property, in accessing them accurately and efficiently to produce an equitable asset division plan.

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Business Owners

If one or both persons in the couple are business owners, some or all of the business will get considered as marital property. For divorcing joint business owners, a prime concern is the proper valuation of their business. An appraisal that does not consider the full details behind the assets or incorrectly evaluates the company could spell trouble for the viability of the business. We understand what needs to be done in those situations and the importance of ensuring that the correct information is considered with regards to your business.

Nontraditional or Multipartnered Couples

In relationships involving more than two partners, a break up will be more complex than those involving only a couple. Making this all the more complicated, the law is not built to recognize or help these relationships through this process. We work with multi-partnered relationships to provide clarity to family law issues, such as parenting rights and asset division, and also to prepare such relationships for the potential that they may end, and planning what that ending might look like in advance to avoid future conflict. We understand the unique challenges that this community faces and the unique solutions that this community needs.

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With a complicated divorce, your time, money, and possibly business are at stake. Find out how we can help simplify the divorce process through experienced legal counsel. Call Mastanduno Law Group or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.