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Modification Attorneys in Portland, Oregon

Initiating Post-Divorce Modifications

As time goes by, a divorce arrangement may not fit current needs or circumstances. Modifications of parenting time, spousal support, and child support are commonly done to address changes in the lives of children and their parents. Mastanduno Law Group helps divorced parents in Portland and throughout the Willamette Valley assess their changing needs and make modification requests.

Child Support Modification

After the initial decree, there is a waiting period to file a request for modification. Either parent may ask for a court hearing to contest the change. If a parent disagrees with the court’s decision after the initial hearing, they can file an appeal in Oregon Circuit Court. Since this is an area of the law that has many nuances, it is critical to consult with a family law attorney.

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Parenting Time Modification

As children grow, their parenting needs change, and as time goes by, parents’ schedules can change, making previous arrangements hard to keep. A modification of the original parenting time agreement can help the family change with the times. The best interests of the child come first when granting a modification of parenting time.

Spousal Support

A law that makes it legal for a divorced spouse to obtain part of the ex-spouse’s previous year tax records may facilitate requests for spousal support modifications. Often, legal services are needed to ensure compliance with a new order.

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