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Month: January 2020

What are the basics of divorce in Oregon?

Divorce is a difficult and emotional experience. For those not familiar with the details of divorce, it may also be frightening. Gaining some background on divorce may help you find a way through a tough situation.  Oregon is one of many states that does not require a...

When a marriage crumbles during a vacation

Many couples take trips together from time to time, whether they have a large family with many kids living at home, do not have any kids or have adult children who now live on their own. These vacations often help restore a couple's sense of love and even help some...

Custody and Oregon courts

Putting a legal end to marriage takes a basic understanding of the elements that go into the process. If you and your spouse have children, the stakes are higher.  A commonly misunderstood component of divorce is child custody. While you may have a concept of this,...

Frequency of estate planning updates

Estate planning in Oregon is an ongoing process. Creating the necessary documents is just the first step. Circumstances can change over time, potentially rendering the initial plan unfulfillable. For example, heirs and beneficiaries may predecease the testator,...