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Month: April 2017

How Are Separation and Divorce Different?

Defining relationships can be a challenge, particularly in our flexible modern world. When a couple decides to separate, boundaries shift and the previous relationships which defined people’s lives become muddied and strained. However, the law can provide context and...

What are Capital Gains?

Congratulations on meeting the April 15th deadline for taxes! You won’t have to worry about them until next year! But, in the meantime, the Mastanduno Law Group suggests that you look a little bit to the future and consider capital gains for next year’s taxes; you...

Legal Concerns for Small Businesses

According to the Washington Post, entrepreneurship is quickly becoming the “vast majority of the country’s businesses,” along with startups as the “most reliable job creators.” These jobs are definitely capitalizing on the digital age to jumpstart the economy. These...

Last Minute Legal Advice on Taxes

The beginning of April has arrived and Mastanduno Law Group would like to check in and see if your taxes are ready to be sent or e-filed. Some last minute questions might emerge and we’re available to give you tax advice as the deadline approaches. A client’s personal...