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Mastanduno Law Group June 15, 2017

Understanding a Divorce Decree

Understanding a divorce decree

When a relationship ends, there is confusion and stress as you try to go forward to rebuild your life. With divorce there are painful new changes, but Mastanduno Law Group wants to be by your side. We want to help you adjust to the transition by outlining the topics that will be in the decree. This will help you fulfill the responsibilities you have to the court and will keep you out of problems that could surface with your ex partner.

A divorce decree can be referred to as a divorce judgment. In Oregon, a divorce can be final, if uncontested, within a two to six week period. Both spouses are expected to follow this court order. In general, uncontested divorces do not require court appearances. The court will send you a confirmation that your decree was signed and approved by a judge..

Oregon is “no fault” divorce state, which means you can end the marriage whenever you wish. But Oregon also has stipulations to the divorce judgment. This state requires a tailored “parenting plan” for your individual visitation and custody needs if you have minor children. It is also mandatory to complete a parenting class that varies by county. Additionally, the court also calculates child support and makes sure that one or both parents will be responsible for the health coverage of the children involved. Division of property and bills will be covered in the decree as well. Discussion about paying past debts and possible spousal support will need to occur if it is applicable to your situation. Many counties offer a confidential mediation service to help couples sort out all of these issues, but Mastanduno Law Group can also provide this service.

Since this is a delicate matter, people sometimes do not fulfill their responsibilities of this decree. Unfortunately, people might try to harm their ex spouse by not following the judge’s orders. There are ways to enforce a judgment if you feel that your spouse is not meeting their obligations, but only if they violate the issues mentioned above. The next blog post will cover that more in detail.


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