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Mastanduno Law Group June 23, 2016

Small Businesses: Learning by Doing

Founded in 2015, Mastanduno Law Group’s small business experience is as practical as it is academic. Our Attorneys are well versed in the legal considerations of small business planning, like corporate structures, bylaws and contracts, state and federal taxation, labor and employment law, etcetera. However, when it comes to marketing, client outreach and relationships, networking, human resources, and making long term investments, and other aspects of small business planning, we are learning by doing alongside our clients.

Even in the age of self help services like LegalZoom, small business planning is the bread and butter of many law offices. So what are the benefits of paying for an attorney when you’re already worried about overhead?

1. We know about structures and options you haven’t thought of, or we can compare and contrast structures you have researched.

The LLC is the default, and for most is the best option, but what happens if you have a partner? Are you a licensed professional? Are you operating your LLC properly?

2. You have an existing relationship with an Attorney for impromptu advice.

Services like LegalZoom, LegalShield, and RocketMatter offer included or low cost legal advice hotlines to their customers. While this may get you the answer you’re looking for, you’ll doubtless waste time explaining basics about your business before you can get a clear answer. A resource for legal questions as they arise, with a view towards your long term goals would be streamlined with an attorney already familiar with your business.

3. You have access to our professional networks

We don’t know everything. But when we reach out to our classmates, peers, mentors, professors, and support staff, it’s pretty close. If we can’t solve your problem, it’s our professional obligation, and benefits our business to refer you to trusted outside counsel.

4. We resolve disputes, not just lawsuits

You’ve likely heard how few legal disputes go to trial. There are a myriad of reasons for this, some reasons are the unfortunate result of unequal bargaining power and forced arbitration. However, “settlement” doesn’t have to be frightening or unjust, it’s simply the result of a resolution to the dispute before a judge’s order is necessary.

5. Self-Help worked to start, but you’re growing and need help!

Like us, you probably started with your books on a simple spreadsheet, your formalities all using the default forms, and your outside work through contractors. But when you want to plan capital investments or tax burden, restructure to attract investors, or when you need to hire employees? DiY can only go so far, and you’ll need experts in order to grow.

Admittedly, we’re still learning how to run a business. It’s exciting, and we’re as eager to learn from our clients as we are to advise them.


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