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Mastanduno Law Group Jan. 6, 2017

New Year, New Start

Happy New Year from Mastanduno Law Group! The festivities of the New Year are also met with reflection about our lives to help us improve. Resolutions hold us accountable to make change and implement order in our lives. At a time like this, taking a moment to reassess goals and cultivate greater happiness will ensure a memorable 2017. Mastanduno Law Group wants to understand your personal goals to help you achieve them.

Perhaps there is a list left unfinished in 2016. The best thing you can do is to get organized at the beginning of the year, to map out time and plans to complete tasks by the year’s end. Completion of tasks can provide a comforting peace of mind, especially when you take the time to accomplish things you know you need to do, but never seem to find the time for, like getting a will written, a skill learned, or a matter settled. If real estate or land is involved, it is always a good time to make sure that those assets are used to your full advantage and preserved for the future.

Do you find your business is in disarray? Take the time to examine what your business will need in the coming year. Are you an employee? Consider whether you’re doing the job you want to be doing. You might want to restructure your life for not only greater profit, but also greater well-being. Don’t forget that tax season is fast approaching and comes early in the year; it’s January now, but it will be April in no time. Everyone dreads dealing with taxes come April, and they can be confusing when more money and assets are factored into a situation. For example, estate inheritance has complicated laws attached that might be changing in the near future. This is the time to make sure everything is in order for the year to come.

And while you’re doing so, ask yourself “Am I happy?” Though there might be responsibilities to complete in the New Year, reflecting on happiness is the best way to look forward to a fresh start. Maybe a dispute needs to be settled, or an end needs to come; you might consider looking into how mediation and dispute resolution could improve your life. People grow together and apart with time, but there are ways to reach peaceful arrangements within your relationships, and even to do so while preserving valuable relationships. Perhaps you’re ready to take the next step for the New Year, like adopting a child or signing a prenuptial agreement for your upcoming marriage; these are matters of law which can give you security in your relationships. On a professional level, the Mastanduno Law Group can help you with all of these things in the coming year, whether it’s time to start a new business or time to start a new family, whether it’s time to make a relationship last forever or finally end. We can turn your goals into reality.

We wish you luck on your new endeavors!


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