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Custody versus visitation

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Child Custody |

Going through the process of splitting time with a child after a breakup can take an emotional toll. In Oregon, the court favors both parents retaining rights to children, except in extreme cases.

Custody and parenting time are two different issues that need addressing when any couple with children calls it quits. At Mastuanduno Law Group, we pride ourselves on giving you the information you need so you can better prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Legal custody is not the same as physical custody

Courts these days tend to favor a joint legal custody ruling. This means that it may grant both parents equal legal rights to their shared children. Both parents have the right to access their children’s medical and school records. Physical custody is the time each parent has with the children, and in some circumstances, this may not divide equally. Getting less physical care does not mean you do not have the right to your children.

Parenting plan addresses visitation

When parents separate, they need to come to a reasonable visitation schedule for the children. It needs to discuss school and holiday schedules, along with the parents’ work schedule. The last thing a child needs is to have constant changes to a visitation schedule in the wake of two parents splitting up. The court favors a plan that takes the best interests of the child and makes those the focal point.

Whether your relationship is ending in divorce or just separation, having children in the mix can cause more significant stress on the parents and anguish for the kids. If you want more information on how the process works, click on the appropriate portion of our website.