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When a marriage crumbles during a vacation

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | Family Law |

Many couples take trips together from time to time, whether they have a large family with many kids living at home, do not have any kids or have adult children who now live on their own. These vacations often help restore a couple’s sense of love and even help some people save their marriage, offering a break from daily stressors and a change of pace. However, we know that a number of challenges sometimes arise when a couple is on vacation, and these hurdles can cause a marriage to fall apart.

For starters, traveling is often very stressful, and couples who find themselves in disagreement over key issues (such as where to visit, which activities to do, which roads to take, figuring out a map in a foreign country, etc.) sometimes experience lasting challenges in their marriage. For multiple reasons, these problems sometimes come out during a vacation, when stress levels are high. Additionally, affairs sometimes take place during vacations, causing marriages to crumble. Many other behaviors adversely affect marriages as well, such as a marital partner getting in trouble with the law over their behavior.

If you recently returned from a vacation with your spouse and your marriage is not working out any longer, it is important to take a careful look at your options. If you decide to get divorced, the way you approach this issue will affect your future significantly. For example, your finances will come into question and if you have kids, issues such as custody require a lot of consideration. Review our site for more on filing for divorce.